Course curriculum

    1. Welcome To Get Over Your Ex

    1. Shock and Denial

    2. Desperation

    3. Do You Feel Like You Are Going Crazy?

    4. Closure

    5. The Guilt You Feel

    6. Will They Come Back

    7. Helping You To Process (Worksheet)

    1. No Contact / Low Contact

    2. Should You Be Friends?

    3. All The Good Memories You Can't Get Out Of Your Mind

    4. Incompatibilities

    5. Hanging Onto What Could Have Been

    6. Helping You To Move Forward (Worksheet)

    1. Losing Friends, Their Family, And Pets

    2. Dealing With Your Toxic Family After A Breakup

    3. The Hard To Let Go Of Memories In Your Home

    4. Social Media And Exes

    5. Moving Forward And Processing (Work Sheet)

    1. Healthy VS Unhealthy Ways To Cope

    2. How To Handle A Smear Campaign

    3. How To Get Through The Pain Of Familiar Areas

    4. How Long Does It Take To Heal?

    5. Rediscovering Yourself

    6. Moving On (Worksheet)

    7. Ending

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